For years I've desired to visit New York but for some strange reason I've been prioritising Australasia.  Life is too short, a Bank Holiday provided the perfect opportunity in late May.  What the hell was I waiting for!   Kicking myself now, this city is absolutely ace.  The people, the architecture and even the landscape make this city unique and unmeasuruabily unprecedented with any other.  I have to get back to this magnificent city pronto!


Ciao!  Whilst meandered the picturesque streets of Milano this weekend I tried to encapsulate the experience of travel and its affect on me and my work.  When co-founding a studio back in '07, travel was considered a fundamental element of practicing architecture.  Architecture is far from just being about buildings.  Ultimately, people should be the catalyst to creating or defining wholesome architecture and objects, be it through collaboration, consultation or communal working.

Its funny, 'wholesome' is a word typically used to describe food but after checking the definition I can't help but think I might start using the term 'wholesome architecture' in future.



conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being.
"the food is plentiful and very wholesome"
synonyms: healthy, health-giving, healthful, good, good for one, beneficial, sustaining, strengthening, nutritious, nourishing, full of nourishment, full of nutrients, nutritive, unrefined;

conducive to or characterized by moral well-being.
"good wholesome fun"
synonyms: moral, ethical, good, nice, clean, virtuous, pure, innocent, chaste;


nature being the ultimate designer

I'm just about to start a new project at work and can't help but think of nature as the ultimate designer.  Humans are mere mortals compared to Evolution but we should look upon structures in nature when defining new architecture as to be more considerate of the environment our buildings inhabit.

Just some flowers that sit upon the dining table this Easter weekend which have the most amazing compositions, vibrancy and structures.   Hopefully you’ll enjoy these as much as I.

spring maybe?

A visit to site yesterday brought me to find spring.  although a scheme for twenty-five new homes, it'll be a must to retain such established and beautiful hedgerows and vegetation.  Architecture is so intrinsically linked to landscape why wouldn't any architect consider such constraints as more so, opportunities.