Bristol based, Adam Harris is a Chartered Architect and Planning Advisor; specialising in residential domestic scale projects (home psychology, refurbishment, renovation, new build, self build and bespoke houses) and planning sensitive development, serving the South West & Wales (Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Chepstow, Monmouth, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea)


‘A wholehearted home frames the complex patterns of living, while leaving room for individual experience. It underpins the needs of the people who live there, while giving freedom for expression.

It should have plenty of light, require the minimum of maintenance, and yet be warm and comfortable. What works and is modern in a human way is a combination of laissez faire and supreme control, a mix of the relaxed and the precise. Our homes should grow with us. Life isn't fixed so spaces can't be either’

—Isle Crawford

If you are visiting this place now, you will be entering a process of great change to your environment and your life.  This is a time of great potential and for making the right choices.

Your environment speaks volumes about how you live and who you are: your past, your present and your future. The first stage of your project is introspection; defining how you live and identifying those things that may need to change so that your new environment works seamlessly for you.  Your home/ building/ landscape should be a source of joy and inspiration and it will change and grow with you.

So in order to define what you need, we must first know you.  We begin our design process by asking a series of questions that require honesty and will provide us with a series of insights into the small details of how you live.  It is only then that we can take these insights and provide you with an ultimate solution that is not imposed crude perfection and a ‘set-piece’ but a comfortable building to inhabit.

If we feel that the conclusion you may already have arrived at isn't right for you we will explain why.  We can provide you with as little or as much support as you need: a complete design service or it may take the form of a report on how we think you should proceed.  This may be a combination of photographs, sketches, annotated plans and observations providing you with a framework and a way forward with your project.  We endeavour to tailor our service according to your budget, however large or small.  We truly do believe that no job is too small and have an informal and sensitive but professional approach, so please contact us whatever size your project.

Architects Registration Board. ARB was established by Parliament in 1997 to regulate the architects' profession in the UK.